The Wawel Royal Castle – the kings’ residence. monumental one of 7040 m², situated on the Wawel Hill in Kraków.

Kraków Cloth Hall - podlegały przez wieki wielu przemianom i ich obecny kształt w niczym nie przypomina dawnych sukiennic. Już w roku 1257 książę Bolesław Wstydliwy przy lokacji Krakowa zobowiązał się postawić kramy sukienne. Stanowiły one podwójny rząd kramów kamiennych, tworzących jakby uliczkę pośrodku Rynku. Sukiennice w tej postaci przetrwały do połowy XIV stulecia.

St. Mary's Basilica – one of the biggest and most import ant churches in Poland, built In Gothic style in the XIV and XV centuries and situated at the very heart of the Market Square.

The Royal Tract - begins in St. Florian’s Basilica at Plac Matejki where Rector along with the Senate of the University used to greet their king. Then it goes near the Kraków barbican (Barbakan) and the remains of city fortifications and through the main gate – St. Florian’s Gate – goes further to the Old Town area.

Town Hall Tower is about 70 meters high and, along with the City Hall, was built probably at the beginning of the XIV century. Currently it is the only remnant of the City Hall building pulled down in 1820.
Kościuszko Mound -
   widok z kopca 1    widok z kopca 2

Historical Museum of Kraków - is the oldest such place in Poland. It was built in 1899 as Historical Records Archive collecting all the souvenirs connected with history and culture of Kraków.
Multimedia Museum of Kraków – the part of Historical Museum of Kraków situated under the surface of the Market Square.
 The Home Army Museum of Kraków – The failed September campaign in 1939 and the division of Poland into two occupied zones, German and Soviet, did not break the will of the Polish people to continue its fight for freedom. In Warsaw, before the surrender, a secret military organization was set up with the approval of the Supreme Commander, who was already in Romania. General Michael Karaszewicz-Tokarzewski took command and gave it the name Służba Zwycięstwu Polski (Service for Polands Victory), or SZP. In addition, both in Warsaw and in other places in the country, many other secret groups sprang up. Some were organized by army officers, who had avoided being taken prisoner, others were initiated by groups from political parties or by groups of friends.

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Zalew Kryspinów - położony jest w pięknej okolicy w odległości 12 km od Krakowa i obejmuje obszar 64 ha, z czego połowę zajmuje zalew. Teren dookoła wody to spore obszary lasów, ścieżki rowerowe i piesze oraz tereny do wyczynowej jazdy rowerem. Kryspinów znajduje się w bezpośredniej bliskości zjazdu z autostrady oraz lotniska w Balicach.Plaże Ośrodka są w większości plażami piaszczystymi (część północno -zachodnia) oraz częściowo trawiastymi. Całość zalewu stanowi woda I kl. czystości, regularnie kontrolowana przez sanepid.

Aquapark in Cracow - We invite you to visit us to take a rest and enjoy our numerous water attractions. We are the biggest indoor aquapark in Poland and one of the biggest facilities of its kind in Europe! We are open every day from 8:00am until 10:00pm.






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